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Rinri 17 Chapters

1. Today is the best day and now is the best opportunity.

2. Hardship is your gateway to happiness.

3. You determine your fate; you create your own circumstances.

4. Everyone is our mirror; the universe is our teacher.

5. Husband and wife are a pair of mirrors.

6. The child is a great actor performing on the stage of the parents' minds.

7. The body symbolizes the spirit; illness is its warning sign.

8. Cheerfulness is the father of health, and loving harmony is the mother of happiness.

9. Broken promises rob your happiness and good fortune of others.

10. Working is the greatest joy.

11. Material things come to those who make the best use of them.

12. To give up selfishness is to gain.

13. Do not forget the beginning, and do not neglect the end.

14. Hope is sunshine for the spirit.

15. If you believe in it, it will happen. If you worry about it, it will not.

16. Respect yourself and others.

17. Life is God's stage, and you have the lead role. 

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