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Membership Benefits

This membership permits you to join Morning Seminars held by any RINRI California Sub-Chapters;

  • Los Angels (Japanese)

  • Orange County (Mainly Japanese)

  • San Diego (English). 

RINRI Consultation

You can also receive a one-on-one RINRI Consultation by one of the trained RINRI Researchers who are employees of RINRI Kenkyusho.

Wisdom at Workplace

Reading materials for your employees. We issue a book each quarter and provide by PDF.

Membership Fee

$50/month. No contract terms. 


RINRI Kenkyusho USA is a nonprofit organization registered in California. RINRI California is a local chapter.

RINRI California is operated by members. Taking leadership at RINRI is one of the best ways to learn RINRI and help you learn leadership that also works at your workplace. RINRI San Diego is a sub-chapter of RINRI California.

Prohibited Activities

Our organization is for free expression, but we do not allow contents and activities that promote or condone certain businesses, religions or political groups in RINRI community. 

Please download the application form to learn more about the member benefits and conditions.


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