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Aug 24th, 2020

Ms. BJ Mackle "Refuse to Lose"

Let's welcome BJ Mackle to our morning seminar on Monday, 24th of August.

BJ turned multiple hardships such as a single mother, limited education and male dominant career world etc. into the apex of career.

BJ is a retired Deputy Superintendent and currently a Mediator for the court and community.  She will share her journey through the many challenges, adventures and successes that brought her to the apex of her career.  Beginning with a limited education, a single mother of two, no financial support, she set off on her journey in an era when it was extremely difficult for a woman to survive in the male dominated career world.

Even though BJ is not familiar with the formal RINRI application, it will be interesting to see how her choices, attitude and actions reflect the ethics of RINRI.

1971-1978 Elementary Teacher 1978-1988 Principal 1988-2006 Director of Personnel Deputy Superintendent 2012-Present National Conflict Resolution Community Mediator Coach/Evaluator for NCRC Credential Candidates Superior Court Civil Mediator


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