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Gabby Quiwa

23 March 2023 | Manager, RINRI San Diego; ADministrative assistant at amuza inc.; Artist.

| "Report: Fujiken 2023"

| Gabrielle Quiwa is a 27-year-old Filipino-American from San Diego. She is the only child of Nol and Lily Quiwa. Gabby became a member of RINRI San Diego in 2021 after being invited to attend RINRI Morning Seminars by Koji Kuninaga. She then attended the Fujiken 2023 meeting in Japan: a profound learning experience.

She currently works as an Administrative Assistant at Amuza Inc., a small, multinational company that provides neuroscience equipment and services, and was given the opportunity by Shinji Azuma. As an artist, Gabby also has experience with clients and professional partnerships through commissioning and collaborating on custom art pieces.

Gabby aspires to be an educator and writer. Formerly, she was an avid multidisciplinary performer. She received her fundamental AA degree in Psychology at Waldorf University, a private Lutheran establishment in Iowa.

Gabby spends her time studying and facilitating conversations on history, mental health, and philosophy. With support, she invests in trainings that cultivate self-development, leadership, and creative thinking. As demonstrated by her interest in RINRI practices, Gabby has a passion for human behavior and communication.


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