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sean akari

February 9, 2023 | Lawyer and Stand-up Comedian | "Tapping Into Consciousness"

| White Guy adopted by Japanese Father. Lawyer by day, Comedian by night. Here are my Lessons from a multicultural upbringing and how to deal with cultural differences.

We are all connected. And it all boils down to math somehow. Until we have quantum computing, we must “tap into consciousness” on our own. Connecting with people is key and has been instrumental in my practice of Law and Comedy.

I believe consciousness is a computer. Like any computer, the results are only as good as the inputs. If we can balance the mind, body and spirit, we can achieve maximum potential.

I am just showing where I am at in the process. If you have better answers than me, share with me. That is how we will tap into consciousness together, through a willingness to connect. This should be fun.

-Sean Akari


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