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Mission Statement

Contributing to the prosperity and peace in the world through RINRI research and practice, with the aims of life improvement, moral upliftment, and cultural development for all. We undertake the following activities to fulfill the above mission.

Rinri has simple three pillars;


  • Cheerfulness

  • Love and harmony

  • Working with joy

All these three will be unified to being open-minded. We practice small good habits to put those characters into yourself every day.

Thousands of business executives have verified the concept of Rinri, originally meaning ethics, morals, or philosophy in Japanese but not a religion, theory, nor simple tradition. Rinri is a proven principles to achieve a happy life and long-lastingly growing business.

There are more than 70,000 business owners for its member in Japan and other countries. In the US, there are three chapters in California, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. The San Diego Chapter is only the one providing seminars for English speakers. 

One of our core mottoes are 17 Principles. Please visit this page

Practice is everything

Rinri is unlike the laws made by People. As the material world is governed by the laws of physics and the physical body by the laws of physiology, so is daily human life governed by the natural laws of Rinri. These natural laws were first discovered by having an open mind towards everything that concerned human life and relying on intuition to deal with the situation at hand, and then testing the results of the action and attitude as in an experiment to the situation. The results were then compared to teachings found in similar historical and moral laws as well as in the words and deeds of our predecessors.   To achieve Rinri, it is critical that it be practiced rather than rationalized. .... It is simply the heartfelt "refinement" of ourselves.

Understanding Rinri by Toshiaki Maruyama

Morning Seminar -Currently held online due to Covid19

Once a week in the early morning, ritual style seminar.

We read the original contents of Rinri. 

Leading business leaders talk about their own experiences. 

Private Consultations

Top instructors provide one-on-one consultation when you request up to once a month. This service is only available for paid members. 

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